Plateau Flower Marquise Diamond Ring

Lab grown diamonds and 100% recycled gold



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Diamonds Shape: Marquise brilliant
Color: G+
Clarity: VS+
No. of Diamonds: 24
Approximate Carat Weight: 0.92 TCW
The ring comes with the following:
Beautiful packaging

At Karini, nothing is more important than making others look and feel their best. We make that happen by providing high-quality, vintage-style jewelry prepared with stunning lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. For us, jewelry isn’t just an accessory – it’s something we dream, live, and breathe. It’s why we take pride in creating some of the most sensational pieces featuring sophisticated designs that are perfect for special occasions and daily wear. While upholding the highest standards, we aim to bring value to the lives of others through intricately designed, incredibly timeless pieces that will look good with anything you decide to wear.

Follow these practical jewelry cleaning tips to keep your jewelry looking its best for years to come.

● We do not recommend wearing your jewelry when cleaning the home or any other area with harsh chemicals because of the damage those chemicals can cause.
● Do not use toothpaste to clean your jewelry, even if you’ve read that it’s safe.
● Take each piece off before any physical activity to avoid the possibility of bending your rings or losing diamonds.
● Consider taking your jewelry to a professional cleaner every so often to give it a deep, thorough cleaning that will leave each piece looking new. Professionals use ultrasonic cleaners to swiftly remove dirt and grime with ease. You don’t need to do this too often if you’re keeping up with the cleaning maintenance at home.

Karini sets itself apart from the rest, providing stunning vintage-style jewelry without negatively impacting the environment. It’s our mission to bring superior sustainable jewelry to our clientele. We use only the finest lab-grown diamonds supplied by companies relying on solar energy for electricity during the rough diamond manufacturing process. In addition, each piece crafted consists of 100% recycled gold, enabling us to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint while offering gorgeous pieces worth adding to your jewelry collection.

Through our sustainability efforts in the jewelry-making process, we can minimize our impact on the planet, reduce contamination of valuable resources on land and in bodies of water, and prevent harm and abuse against people in various communities across the globe. As jewelry lovers with a genuine passion for our craft, we look forward to bringing you sustainable selections that can withstand the test of time.

Our Values

We’re committed to doing better by our planet every day, to preserve and protect its natural beauty and resources through our ethical production process.
With a Karini diamond, there’s no question where it was sourced or how it was produced. Traceability matters to us as we continue to set new standards for the industry.
Quality is everything to us. Stunning, resilient, and tarnish-resistant, our collection of modern heirlooms are designed to be enjoyed for generations.

Our Diamonds

Why Lab Grown?
From the very start of our journey, we’ve broken from the traditions of the diamond industry to create the cleanest, most ethical diamond jewelry.

We’ve remained firm in our eternal commitment to leave our planet more beautiful than yesterday – using lab-grown diamonds and 100% recycled gold metals to design stunning, sustainable pieces to be loved for a lifetime.
What makes ours different?
Brilliant, pure, and better than natural. Our revolutionary diamonds are created with the utmost respect for our planet, leaving minimal footprint or carbon emissions.
Are they real diamonds?
Yes, they have the same properties as mined diamonds and exhibit the same sparkle, clarity, and color characteristics. Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real, and we select only the highest-quality, purest lab-grown diamonds to design our ready-to-love sustainable pieces.

Let’s create a brighter and more
beautiful future, together

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