Rose Cut Diamond Wedding Ring (0.51 CTW)

Lab Grown Diamonds & 100% recycled Gold



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100% Natural Diamonds
Diamonds Shape: Rose Cut
Color: F+
Clarity: VVS+
No. of Diamonds: 5
Diamond Diameter: 3.4mm
Approximate Carat Weight: 0.51 TCW
Fluorescent: None

Available in three colors

The ring comes with the following:
Beautiful packaging

The color of the ring on the model is Rose

Our Values

We’re committed to doing better by our planet every day, to preserve and protect its natural beauty and resources through our ethical production process.
With a Karini diamond, there’s no question where it was sourced or how it was produced. Traceability matters to us as we continue to set new standards for the industry.
Quality is everything to us. Stunning, resilient, and tarnish-resistant, our collection of modern heirlooms are designed to be enjoyed for generations.

Our Diamonds

Why Lab Grown?
From the very start of our journey, we’ve broken from the traditions of the diamond industry to create the cleanest, most ethical diamond jewelry.

We’ve remained firm in our eternal commitment to leave our planet more beautiful than yesterday – using lab-grown diamonds and 100% recycled gold metals to design stunning, sustainable pieces to be loved for a lifetime.
What makes ours different?
Brilliant, pure, and better than natural. Our revolutionary diamonds are created with the utmost respect for our planet, leaving minimal footprint or carbon emissions.
Are they real diamonds?
Yes, they have the same properties as mined diamonds and exhibit the same sparkle, clarity, and color characteristics. Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real, and we select only the highest-quality, purest lab-grown diamonds to design our ready-to-love sustainable pieces.

Let’s create a brighter and more
beautiful future, together

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